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Virtual Grooming Success Story with Mark

Choose the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape
Our buddy Mark has an incredible new hair cut that accentuates and compliments his face shape. It’s totally changed the look and feel of his entire image.

To begin, Aaron Marino of alpha m. offers services: in-person consultations, virtual consultations, and more on Mark reached out by purchasing the Virtual Grooming service. Alpha gets the info about what Mark wants and needs along with images of Mark’s current hair style. Mark needs a professional style that is a bit playful. His hair is thick and incredibly straight. He also doesn’t use product.

The Virtual Grooming starts with identifying his face shape. His face shape is oval (fuller cheeks), and his current hair style is making his head and face appear more round due to no structure and no dimension. He needs to do away with the hard lines of his facial hair. He needs to allow it to grow up and down a little bit to create an illusion of a stronger jaw. Alpha provided hair style options to Mark, and the two of them narrowed down the hairstyle. Tighter on sides, longer on top, and use of product are the goals.

He made an appointment and got it done. Mark looks incredible in only one week! It’s hard to disagree this this is a much better option! Gentlemen, this is a prime example of face shape and hair style working together in a synergistic manner. Check out the article for a face shape tutorial. Mark knocked it out of the park! What about you?

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