Facial hair, no matter what the style, is a fabulous way to enhance your image.  It makes a statement about your inner identity, and reflects so much about your personality.  Men of all ages, throughout the ages, have chosen to proudly wear facial hair to show their individuality; in a way much like a lion boasts his mane.

Choosing to sport facial hair is a personal choice and preference, for sure.  One of the great things about facial hair is it can be grown, removed, and quickly grown back again – eliminating a lot of risk with experimentation.  This enables us to easily try the many different styles; changing our persona as often as we like.

Facial hair is a natural accessory that can also be used to enhance our face by covering up skin problems, scars and other flaws; accenting features; adding girth to a thin face; augmenting a chin; etc.  It’s an asset men have and should use in order to boost our appearance, as well as for fashion.  Choosing the right style for your face can transform you in many ways.

Regardless of the style you choose, properly maintaining facial hair is crucial to wearing it successfully.  Granted, there can be a bit more work involved than being cleanly shaven, but don’t let that stand in your way.  The maintenance is easy once you learn how, and the results will be well worth your time and energy.

Grooming Tips

Before you even get started, I suggest you invest in a few tools, which will make keeping your beard, mustache or Mutton Chops a breeze; reducing your time and frustration.

  1. Trimmer – A trimmer is essential to keeping your facial style neat and precise.  Purchase a full sized trimmer for overall trimming that has an adjustable trimming guide, so you’ll have multiple hair length options.  There are quite a few great ones on the market, so, finding one should be easy and affordable.  If you’re not able to get the precision you want with a full sized trimmer, invest in a second, small fine-tooth trimmer, which will give a closer cut, and is perfect for detailing and lines.  Don’t even think about using a scissors because it’s near impossible to get an even trim or catch every hair with one.  Not only will your outline be jagged, you’ll have lots of uneven and stray hair; giving you a disheveled look.When using a trimmer, adjust the blade one setting higher then you want your finished hair length to be.  This is a precautionary step, so you won’t cut it too short.  If you still want the hair shorter, the next lower setting should do the job.  Keep your hair dry when trimming or shaping, so you can get an accurate cut.
  2. Mirrors – Most bathrooms have wall mirrors, but you might want to purchase either a handheld or wall-mounted arm mirror, so you can get close up and personal.  Being able to see properly is vital for trimming and shaving success, so having the right mirror is essential.  My preference is the wall-mounted telescoping mirror that has both a regular and magnified mirror.  The telescoping not only brings the mirror as close as you need, but the magnified mirror can add to your precision, if necessary.
  3. Fine Tooth Comb – Comb your beard or any facial hair before trimming in a downward direction, so all hair will get cut.  Facial hair tends to get intertwined, especially the longer it gets, so combing exposes it all; showing its true length and making an even cut possible.  Combing all facial hair daily will help keep it from getting tangled, as well.  It will keep it looking neater, also.
  4. Shaving Oil – More men use shaving cream for shaving than shaving oil; however, you might want to consider trying it if you don’t already use it.  Like shaving cream, it softens hair and eliminates razor burn, but it does have an additional benefit when maneuvering around facial hair – you can see through it, enabling you to see exactly what you’re shaving.  It takes the guest work out of keeping lines and edges straight and reduces mistakes, which happen to the best of us.
  5. Keeping your facial hair clean is as important and necessary as washing the rest of your body.  Food and foul odors love to hang out in mustaches and beards, so daily washing is a must!  Wash facial hair with the same shampoo you use for the hair on your head.  Conditioning facial hair keeps it soft, shiny and less likely to tangle.  Conditioning with the same conditioner you use on your head works beautifully, and will help keep underneath skin moisturized.  Making this a daily practice will keep you looking chic and well groomed.
  6. If you’re unsure of how to style facial hair to get the exact look you want, find a good barber who can do it for you the first time; then just maintain it by following his lines.


Facial hair adds dimension to our image, not to mention is very masculine and sexy.  As classic as a bare face is, nothing beats a goatee or five o’clock shadow for spicing things up.  From soul patches to full beards, there’s a style waiting to be tried!

by Aaron Marino