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Hair Transplant Surgery | What to Expect and How It Works

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement with Jentis Studios (Client John) – See more at:
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Client John – Non-Surgical Hair Replacement with Jentis Studios
Client Bob – Non-Surgical Hair Replacement with Jentis Studios
Client Almir – Non- Surgical Hair Replacement with Jentis Studios
Jentis Studios
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Aaron Marino of alpha m. is back with Curtis Jones of Jentis Studios- this time they’re talking about hair transplant surgery. Curtis got a hair transplant about 15 years ago and discusses the process and pricing.

The hair transplant process takes a while. The transplant is an illusion, making your hair *look* like it’s full. Curtis’ hair texture made his transplant a success. He had mixed grafting with two scalp reductions (reducing bald spaces), which was the process back in the ’90s. Currently, this process is not used. Presently, single hair grafting is the process. Each graft has 1 or 2 hairs. It’s more natural looking and not clumpy like plugs.

Questions to Ask About Hair Transplant

  • Ask the doctor about how many transplants it will take to accomplish your look. Typically you’ll need 3 -4 surgeries if you are as bald as Curtis was.
  • Ask the doctor how much of your own hair will fall out in the surgery due to weak follicles
  • Ask the doctor how much pain you should expect
  • Ask the doctor how will you look after the surgery


Is Hair Transplant Surgery Right for You?

If someone really wants their own hair, it’s an option but you have to make sure you’re the right candidate. You will not look like you did when you were 16 y/o. You will get nice coverage and a nice hairline. This is an artistic surgery- and it’s the artistic value is what makes a transplant look really good and natural. When you go in, ask to see examples of the doctor’s work. If the doctor has nothing to hide, the doctor should allow you to talk to past clients and see examples.

Curtis thinks his hair transplant was worth it. Alpha shows viewers Curtis hair and scalp. The process can take as long as you want for the 2nd surgery: months to years. He wore a system while his transplants were growing in. If you have any questions about hair transplants, contact Curtis. He’s a valuable resource.

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