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Instagram | Aaron Marino
Alpha is making your hair even more amazing! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  is answering viewer’s hair questions from his Instagram.

1. I read blow-drying your hair daily isn’t healthy for your hair. What can you do for volume? Alpha towel dries and then uses P&P SALT as a pre-styler. Then, he uses the Putty after emulsifying. He runs it all through his hair and combs into place. He positions it thereafter, with incredible volume (better than a hair dryer).

2. Why can’t we buy SALT in the UK shop? You can now!

3. Can soap be used on hair instead of shampoo? What are the negative effects? You can use soap on the body although it should even be more moisturizing than just regular bar soap. Your hair is a whole different animal, however. Soap will strip the natural oils and nutrients. You need a shampoo that is mild, and a conditioner should be used once a week (at least) to close the cuticle.

4. Does coloring your hair cause white hair or hair loss? No, it won’t cause either. However, consistent coloring can damage it. If you do color, use conditioner.

5. Where is your jacket from? EXPRESS

6. Should you shampoo daily? It depends on how oily your hair is. If your hair is not oily, you can go 2 -3 day between shampooing. You should rinse the hair product out of your hair, but keep an eye out for build-out.

7. Which is better American Crew Pomade or P&P Pomade? Alpha really likes American Crew products for what they are – mass produced products. These were one of the first products Alpha used, but they aren’t *that* inexpensive. The quality of the ingredients are lower than any P&P products. P&P has better quality, both P&P Pomade (medium hold, high shine) and Power Pomade (higher hold, higher shine). P&P sells direct to the consumer; whereas American Crew has a mark-up due to the middle men.

8. What products should be used for long hair? Use the P&P Cream to control fly-aways, to control frizz, and gives a bit of structure. The Paste gives a bit more hold.

9. What are the best cheap hair products? Alpha tried them (Alpha M. Test & Try to Buy | Best Drug Store Hair Products for Men), and in his opinion, Dove and American Crew top his list. Dove is super cheap ($5 range), however. So, he’d go American Crew as the next step up – but it’s in the $15 – $18 range. So, for that price point, order P&P with the discount code.