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The Body Regimen
Bacne– a cute name for a miserable situation. This video is geared toward bacne but also works for chest, shoulder, and buttock acne. Body acne is incredibly embarrassing and takes aggressive action.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses a home treatment option for bacne (see link below) and it’s components which include three over-the-counter products: general cleanser (Cetaphil), 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream, 10% glycolic acid lotion / cream (alpha hydroxy acid). Take note that scrubbing actually exacerbates acne so don’t exfoliate or rub. Also note that use a cheap white undershirt as to not bleach your clothes with the benzoyl peroxide.

Bacne is a horribly embarrassing, I know because I had it when I was younger.  You don’t have to suffer with body acne or bacne any longer.  Try this home treatment for bacne and if you don’t see an improvement go see a dermatologist so he can help clear up your back acne or other body acne.


If you have to wear a shirt… might as well have it be a sexy ass Modern Tailor one!