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Don’t Suffer with Seasonal Allergies
When was the last time you were with your buddies, and your mouth doesn’t taste exactly **right**? Your buddies probably don’t tell you the truth about your breath. And asking them is awkward. Well, Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents six reasons why your breath may stink because knowing the causes can prevent horrible halitosis.

Chronic halitosis can be controlled if the cause is known. Reasons may include:

  • Poor oral hygiene: Keep your mouth clean. Bacteria can cause breath to stink, and it multiplies in warm and wet places like your mouth. Brush your teeth and floss twice a day and don’t forget to scrape or brush the back of your tongue.
  • Not hydrating properly: Saliva keeps your mouth fresh by washing away odor causing bacteria.
  • Allergies: Breathing in-and-out of your mouth dries it out, causing stinky breath.
  • Eating the wrong stuff: Garlic and coffee can cause stinky breath but also dairy increases mucous production which causes a sour odor. Carbohydrates (sweets) also can cause the bacteria in your mouth to multiply.
  • Infections: An infection smells badly. Sinus infections drain down the back of your throat, causing odor to come out of your mouth. Rinse your sinuses with saline twice a day.
  • Acid reflux: Stomach acid has an odor, and you can omit the odor out of your mouth when experiencing reflux.


Ask your friend for an honest opinion about your breath. And if you are asked, give an honest opinion. And one last word of advice from Alpha- never turn down a breath mint. They may just be courteous, but they may be just trying to tell you something.