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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says compliment make you feel amazing! The amount of compliments that Alpha got when he started wearing Creed Aventus was ‘ridiculous’, and that’s when he realized the power of fragrance. Smelling good gives you a competitive advantage; whereas, smelling bad can interfere with you kicking life’s ass.

Speaking of Creed Aventus, it inspired Alpha to create REBEL. Where Creed Aventus costs upwards of $300, REBEL is a cool $50. Read the reviews — guys are loving it!  Even more exciting is a new fragrance Alpha’s been working on — HERO. Get notified when it launches as it’s coming soon!

Men’s Fragrance Mishaps

1. Not wearing a fragrance — it will raise your sexiness level as well as boost your confidence. Find your signature scent. Alpha tells you how.

2. Storing your fragrances out in the open in your bathroom — it gets too hot for fragrances. Plus, the sun may hit them. Instead, keep them someplace dark and cool.

3. Not applying your fragrance post-shower — your pores are open after a warm shower ensuring a better projection.

4. Using scented body lotions — apply a moisturizer then your fragrance. But your moisturizer needs to be unscented.

5. Applying the fragrance incorrectly (aka ‘the mist’) — apply to pulse points. Check out Alpha’s Pulse Point info-graphic for hot, warm, medium, and cool spots. Also, spray from 3″ – 6″ max.

6. Rubbing to distribute — don’t rub! Pat instead! You don’t want the fragrance to absorb into your skin. Rather, you want it to sit on top.

7. Applying directly to your clothing — the oils can stain your fabric

8. Taking  your regular sized fragrance on-the-go — it can leak, break, and spill. Instead carry a travel sprayer like the one Pete & Pedro offers.

9. Fragrance stagnation — wearing the same fragrance for years and years. Rotate three fragrances.

10. Wearing too much — overpowering is offensive