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Cologne 101
Do you not know how to pick out a new men’s cologne or where to start? Do you have an Axe body spray addiction? Do you not wear *real* cologne? Without a strategy, picking out a new cologne can be a daunting task, frustrating, and headache-producing. Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives a few tips on how to pick a new signature fragrance.

Alpha recommends going to department store as opposed to a shop like an Ulta because the sales associates are more knowledgeable at a department store. Once at the department store:

  • Make a beeline to a sales associate and tell them what you are looking for.
  • Then use these three questions to help you get started with the sales associate: (1) what’s new? (2) what’s popular? (3) what’s your favorite scent?
  • Let them bring the colognes to you.
  • Don’t spray anything on you! Spray on a paper strip and then wave in front of you to smell it. Then smell the coffee the beans to clear the scent.
  • When you find one that you really like, remember it and leave the store. Walk around for about 20 – 30 minutes. Go back to the cologne and smell it. If you still love it, that’s the one for you.
  • When deciding on the size of the bottle, beware of the sticker shock. Alpha buys the small bottle first, generally, although he’s wasting money as dollar per ounce is $5 – $10 cheaper for the big bottle. If you are looking to save money, buy the big bottle.


This is the alpha m. system for men’s cologne selection. It’s simple but it’s the most effective and non-nauseating way to go about doing it