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Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape
First pair: Prada PR 01QS Cast Sunglasses
Second pair: Prada 51OS Wayfarer Sunglasses
Different shades are needed for different outfits and different occasions, just like shoes. Also sunglasses are worn every single day. More importantly, sunglasses are needed not only to look super cool and slick but also protect your eyes from UVA & UVB rays. They also help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from developing around your eyes.

But hold up! Aaron Marino of alpha m. has a problem! He is addicted to sunglasses, and he’s fallen off of the wagon. Usually treats himself to a new pair once a year, and it’s been 6-months since he bought a new pair.

So, what are his go-to shades? When he’s in the market, the first brand he goes to is Prada. He is a sucker from a gradient lens. The more drastic, the more he likes them. Are designer sunglasses worth the price? Alpha says no, but he way he justifies it, they are an accessory that he wears daily and are protection. Check out the links with best prices on the market for these shades.

You can find incredible deals at every mall in the country– the knock-off kiosks are an example. You experiment with new styles with these knock-offs as well as purchase a cheap pair to supplement the more expensive pair.