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One of Alpha’s favorite accessories is sunglasses- fashion and function! Aaron Marino of alpha m. says you can protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun while simultaneously preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

Sunglasses can also make you look super cool if they compliment your face. Face shape is ultimately the determining factor for what sunglasses look good on you. To determine your face shape, assess if your face is oval, square, round, triangle. Next, select from round, square, or mixed sunglasses shape based on determined face shape. The sunglasses shape should contrast and balance with your face shape:

  • Round face –> structured rigid sunglasses
  • Square face –>  flowing and softer edge sunglasses
  • Oval face –> structured and angular sunglasses
  • Triangle face –>  any kind of sunglasses


Always wear sunglasses in the right size regardless of shape. Get the width of your cheekbones for the correct size. If they are wider, they will look to big. If they are smaller, they will look too small.