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Check it out. Alpha doesn’t care how good you think you look wearing sunglasses inside. One of Aaron Marino of alpha m’s pet peeves is people who wear sunglasses inside. Is this a fair assumption to think you are a dick!? Alpha will write you off.

Here’s the situation: Alpha’s in the airport and cranky because he doesn’t love traveling. He sees a man wearing sunglasses in the with absolutely no reason to wear them. He then gets on the plane and sees *the guy with the sunglasses*. Now *the guy with the sunglasses* sits next to Alpha and doesn’t bother acknowledge him after Alpha says ‘hello’.

So what’s Alpha to do but make an example of him: THIS is the fool on the plane. He never, ever took his sunglasses off. The style rule is as soon as you step foot inside, you have a three step window to take those sunglasses off.