Professional male image expert and fashion consultant, Aaron Marino, talks about the pros and cons about getting earrings and various other piercings. He starts with a story about a man at the airport with gauges.

Alpha talks about his ear piercings, cartilage piercing, and nipple piercing. These piercings pale in comparison to gauges and body modifications!  People are stretching holes with the gauges, but they’re not stopping with the ears. Piercings are happening all over the body – if it’s on your body, you can stick a metal rod through it.

It’s a bad look, unless it’s hidden, if you want a job outside of being an artist or musician. As opposed to tattoos, you can take piercings out. With gauges and certain piercings, you can get disfiguring scars which can also hinder your ability to attain and retain a job.