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LA Times | Here’s why Lancaster’s mayor wants workplaces to be necktie-optional
NPR | This California Mayor Took A German Study On Neckties Very Seriously
This video is a good ole fashion Alpha M. rant. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  says an idiot mayor (Lancaster in California) wants to make mandatory necktie wearing illegal.

The LA Times

A German study on neckties demonstrated that wearing neckties reduces blood flow to the brain – so the California mayor decided that men shouldn’t wear neckties due to being detrimental to men’s health. Subsequently, after Major R. Rex Parris took a stand against neckties, Alpha got a call from the LA Times wanting to interview him.

Alpha states that the necktie is not the issue – it’s the collar. If the collar is constricting, that’s the issue. Also Alpha says if you’re too stupid to note that the collar is too small, it’s not a bad thing that you lose a few more brain cells. Alpha also says that the necktie is a symbol – if you want to get a leg-up, you should wear one. They’re a symbol of status, power, responsibility, being put together, and professionalism.

NPR Contacts Alpha

Alpha understands business casual, but to blame neckties to limiting the blood flow to your brain is insane. After Alpha did the interview with the LA Times, he got an email from NPR to comment. Neither of these publications noted that Alpha stated that if your fault for not having the proper collar fit. You should fit a finger or two- and if it feels tight, get a bigger one. It’s not the tie’s fault!