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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  is welcoming you to the 5th installment of the alpha m. Store Style Breakdown. He’s buying an entire outfit from Diesel then rating it between 1 (worst) and 10 (best) on affordability, quality, variety, and age-range. The total of the scores will give the Alpha M. Store Style Rating.

Alpha is excited since Diesel is one of his favorite stores. He’s going to blow some serious cash, looking for something ‘bad boy’. He bought tickets for an event that he wants to look dynamite — a Valentine’s gift for his wife. Diesel has funky stuff as well as items that will blow his wife’s mind. The shoes are expensive, and he doesn’t like any of them so he’s going to invest his money on an additional pair of jeans.

Upon leaving, he says the selection is not so great, the items are amazing, and the price is incredibly expensive (all store style breakdown combined don’t equal Diesel). His purchases include a black nylon racer jacket ($248), skull tee shirt ($58), dark gray jeans ($198), and light gray jeans ($278) for a total of $851.60.

The boots are his, but the outfit is a  million bucks! He loves the light gray jeans. They were very expensive (he’s never paid that much for jeans), but they’re super comfortable. The tee shirt is soft, but not worth what he paid. The jacket is dynamite with cool detail, and the fit is flawless too. Diesel spares no expense for cool details. Overall, it’s probably not worth the price — there are more affordable options out there. He gives the following ratings: affordability 2, quality 8, variety 2, age-range 3.

The store style rating 3.75

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