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Fashion Anchor
Time is of the essence. Alpha can’t stand the thought of you walking around another day looking like a lesbian (this is a joke… relax). He is attempting to rectify the fact that your collar won’t stand at attention.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives the pros and cons of collar management systems on the market. Two areas of the collar need attention and management (1) how rigid it is and (2) where it lands. Here are some options:

  1. Collar Stays stabilize the collar point and are made in many different materials with the most common being plastic. Replace the plastic with a higher quality material (rigid) so it doesn’t bend or break. Be sure to remove during the cleaning process, and Alpha explains why.
  2. Wurkin Stiffs– metal collar stay with a little magnet which is a simple solution for $30 -$40. Cons are that they are incredibly small, the shirt needs removable collar stays in order to use them (can’t use them with casual shirts), and custom shirts can be problematic.
  3. The Fashion Anchor- these glue dots are very versatile and easy to hold the collar in place for $15. You can use the Fashion Anchor on your casual shirts as well as your pocket square and secret button. Cons are that they are not reusable.


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