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Alpha M. Fitbay Profile
It’s time to go shopping for clothes, and you go into a store that you think you’ll love. You try an item on, and it doesn’t fit. Then you get another size, and you realize this item is just not going to work for you. The proportions are totally wrong for you and your frame. Aaron Marino of alpha m. has a tough time finding clothes that fit him off-the-rack. But now he has a cool solution!

For those of you out there with issues when shopping for clothes, Fitbay is all about helping you find clothes and items to fit your specific body structure. Find your body double, and then you can share! You can share clothes that work for you, and you can discover clothes that fit for others with the same body shape as you.

Alpha demonstrates how Fitbay works. He found over 2,000+ body doubles, and he tags clothes that work for him. The outfit that Alpha is actually wearing will fit others with a body shape like his. He enters the outfit into the system, and then viewers can check out the actual items in the store. You can also get recommendations for brands that work for your body shape.

Follow Alpha! Let’s start a community! He can post items he wears for all the viewers who have questions.