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Jacket Tailoring Tips | How to Alter Your Jacket

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This is a cautionary tale. Through Alpha’s misfortune, you are going to learn something. Aaron Marino of alpha m. bought a new navy blue suit. The jacket fit ‘good’ but he thought it could be ‘better’. So he had it taken in at the waist. He displays the result. There is an issue. Notice the rumple in his shoulders. A suit should not fit like this.

The jacket has three taper seams: center and two side. Here’s what you need to know so your jacket doesn’t get jacked up:

  • You can get the side seams altered if you just need the waist done. It is the most convenient seam to work with, and the center seam is not touched.
  • If you need the jacket taken in because it’s too large, it can be altered by reducing the center seam.
  • On a side note: if you have a wrinkle at the top of the shoulder blades, the collar and the seam of the shoulder is unstitched and excess fabric is removed.


Alpha’s problem is the center seam was reduced to reduce the waist. Now, by reducing the jacket size, the jacket stance was changed. Note that the rumple goes away when its unbuttoned. Jacket fit is important. You can take a cheap suit and tailor it well to look expensive.


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