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Spanx for Men: Shaping and Non-shaping Undershirts, Underwear, Socks
Spanx was developed by an Atlanta entrepreneur, Sara Blakely who chopped the panty hose feet off and wore them under her slacks. The mild compression smoothed the lumps from her buttocks and thighs. This built an empire for her. Spanx is now hooking up the dudes. Think of Spanx as shape-wear for dudes.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. reviews Spanx by heading out to Nordstrom to buy some to sample. He tries two although they have a bunch of different options.

The first that Alpha tries is the Cotton Compression V-Neck for $58. It firms chest, flattens stomach, improves posture, and supports lower back. The size chart is by your chest measurement, which Alpha questions why the measurements don’t go beyond 52 inches. Holy monkey, this thing is incredibly tight! At the top, it looks like a normal v-neck but it’s tighter than Under Armour. You wouldn’t just wear this out-and-about. It is pretty long too.

The Zoned Performance V-Neck is the next Spanx that he tries on for $78. The zoned compression targets abs and torso as well as firms and tones chest. It was a workout just to get it on! It is compressing and slimming! It’s a tight-ass shirt! It’s not uncomfortable. It would be great for guys who are battling gynecomastia or love-handles.

Spanx also developed Slim-Waist Boxer Briefs featuring larger elastic waistbands. The reviews are not favorable, indicating that the waistband folds or rolls down rather than slimming the stomach.