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5 Young Men's Style Tips | How To Wear Chinos Like A MAN!

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Alpha M. Shopping Safari | Testing {Cheap} Chino Brands to Find the BEST!
KK & Jay Use Code: ALPHAM to grab a pair at an AMAZING price!
The chino is a casual cotton pant, typically khaki in color but also gray, green, red, maroon, and blue. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says chinos aren’t your daddy’s khakis. They aren’t pleated and super crisp – they are super casual and versitle.


Incredible Ways to Wear Your Chinos

  1. cuffed chinos + trainers + simple tee / graphic tee / long sleeve henley / pull over + fabric belt
  2. chinos + chukkas / Chelsea + leather belt + hoodie  / light weight v-neck sweater
  3. chinos + double monks + cool socks + fitted oxford + shirt tail garters
  4. green chinos + black boots + simple white tee shirt + leather jacket
  5. gray chinos + black loafer + dress belt + fitted black polo


Shirt Tail Garters

KK & Jay have made shirt tail garters even better than traditional military garters. KK & Jay’s are sick & sexy and one of Alpha’s favorite finds of 2017. Shirt tail garters are all about equal tension – it’s the secret! No muffin top! KK & Jay even make ones that allow you to go sockless, and they offer high quality suspenders. With KK & Jay, you can do everything better, including spin jumps, for around 25 bucks!

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