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Pleats, ewww! Those horrible and nasty little folds of fabric in the front of pants, khakis, or slacks. You know ’em, you might even be wearing them. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says you only have two options: flat fronted and pleated. If you wear pleated pants and you jack your pants up, those pleats are nice and flat. But because we wear our pants lower these days, the pleats pucker outward.

Flat front pants were born, and now we have all of these pleated pants with suits, pants, khakis, and more. Do we toss them out and replace with flat front options? Do you mix the jacket from the pleated pant suit with a new pair of flat fronts?

Well, you can actually have pleated pants turned into flat fronts. Sweet! If those pants are super old, however, Alpha would not spend the money as this is one of the most expensive alterations. Converting the pleated to flat front, it’s an option but do the cost analysis. The math has to make sense.