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How to Be AWESOME in {The Sack} | Tips to LAST LONGER & BE BETTER in Bed

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6 Tricks to Last Longer in Bed
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is going to help to take you from ‘average’ to ‘eye-rolling’ in bed. Part one is how to create extra awesome action; part two is how to make it last longer.

How to create extra awesome action

  • Forget what you’ve seen in movies regarding how to please a partner — what you’ve seen in movies is all centered on pleasing the dude. Make it more about her by being conscientious, touching, talking, and focusing on her.
  • Forget about the size of Big Al and the twins — don’t be weird and insecure; instead, take your time and focus on the actions discussed in this how-to. You don’t have to be hung like a mythical beast, but it does have to work. If it doesn’t, contact Roman about your ED. Take advantage of the online evaluation and medication shipped to your home.
  • Get ready for action long before it needs to start — get her excited with playful flirting, kissing, nibbling, and a little dirty talking. Start doing a better job at foreplay as well; like a car, she can’t just be popped into 5th gear without stuttering, sputtering, and stalling.
  • Go downtown — this action should be mutually reciprocating. Also, give encouragement and compliments when it’s your turn. She also wants to feel beautiful, sexy, and seductive.
  • Use the Alpha M Rule of Getting Freaky — give it to her before you get it yourself.

How to be less quick to the draw

  • Think of your grandmother naked, dead puppies, and dead kittens.
  • Use a thicker condom or condoms with numbing agents —  to desensitize Big Al.
  • Use Roman Swipes — with benzocaine to desensitize Big Al.
  • Workout doing sets of kegels — holding for 10-second sets;  it’s the same action as when you are peeing and you force yourself to stop.
  • Practice the edging technique — when taking care of yourself solo and you’re about to do your thing, stop, hold your breath, and relax. Then, proceed thereafter.
  • Practice the squeeze technique — squeeze behind the head with 2 fingers just before you are about to finish and hold for 2-seconds to force the blood back.
  • Switch positions — change just before you are ready to finish.
  • Take rests — do your thing then rest a bit before resuming.
  • Pre-party before you go out with the spicy senorita — you won’t be ready to explode like a geyser when the time actually comes.
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