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7 Things Men THINK Make Them Look Good… IT LOOKS WORSE!

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You may THINK these items make you look better, but in reality, they’re making you look worse. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is going over all seven.

You look worse when you …

1. Use steroids —  you will look better long-term if you don’t use them. The gains you get from lifting naturally as well as focusing on your diet naturally stay with you longer. Plus steroids can give you back acne and boobies.

2. Wear spandex shirts — you look like a sausage and a douche!

3. Have tattoos on your face, neck, and hands — years down the road you may not be feeling the tattoo. Wait 6-months before getting the tat, then go get it.

4. Wear bad toupees and comb overs — instead go to Bosley and find out your solution at any stage of hair loss. The sooner you address it, the sooner you can stop it.

5. Dress age inappropriate — it looks sad, pathetic, and desperate. The general rule of thumb is if everyone shopping in the store could be your kid — go to another store. You can dress stylishly without dressing too young. Try Banana Republic, J Crew, and The GAP which sell timeless items that aren’t super trendy.

6. Pair jeans with dress shoes — any jeans that are distressed can’t be dressed up. Also the shinier the shoe, the harder the task is. Look for a dark wash paired with a casual shoe without laces (such as a loafer or single / double monk).

7. Tuck in a tee shirt whether crew, v neck or dressy tee — this goes for polo shirts too. All look whack when tucked-in.

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