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For 16-years, Alpha chewed 2-cans of tobacco a day. Don’t judge him! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says he just celebrated 10-years of quitting tobacco, which was the hardest thing he’s done. And that being said, it’s the thing he’s most proud of as he was very addicted. Identifying bad habits and doing something about them will help you move forward in your life — the sooner you stop them, the sooner you will feel better. 

Alpha wishes he stopped sooner …

  1. Maintaining relationships with people who were bad for him — in many of these toxic relationships, he felt like he was codependent, and ending the relationship(s) was scary for him. He talks about one of these very tough times here: Breaking up with a toxic friend
  2. Thinking that money + stuff = happiness — when he was broke, he thought he’d be happy once he had money. But, he found out he was the happiest when he was making $100K, and more money didn’t make him any happier. True happiness comes from being able to help other people.
  3. Worrying what other people thought of him and his career — what matters is NOT what they think but how you define your goals and success. What is the one thing you have been thinking about for a long time but haven’t been able to break out of your shell and move forward? Alpha took a class from Skillshare Personal Productivity: Five Exercises to Make a Big Goal a Reality that will help you get past that self-doubt and negative talk to achieve your big goal. A key takeaway is to pay attention to little successes along the way. The class will also help you to narrow down what you should go after and develop the framework to get you there.
  4. Focusing ONLY on having big muscles and not focusing on flexibility — stretching should be incorporated into your weekly workout. It’s just as important as the other parts of your fitness program.
  5. Staying up too late — not getting enough sleep will make you feel drained and sluggish. Getting a good night’s sleep will make everything in your life better — your skin will glow, you won’t retain as much water, and you will look refreshed — and you will kick life’s ass!
  6. Binge-drinking — Alpha was drinking too much for way too many years. He stopped drinking in tandem with quitting tobacco since they seemed to go hand-in-hand. His mind was sharper, relationships better, and life felt better. He still drinks but responsibly.
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