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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro wants you to give it up! Something remarkable has happened, and he can’t be happier! He is the proud owner of!

The Birth of Alpha M.

It’s been 10-years that he’s wanted and tried to get the domain name The name ‘alpha m.’ started back when he started the consulting firm. He wanted the name of the company to be masculine but not too over the top or ‘king of the jungle’. He thought ‘alpha male’ but then shortened it to ‘alpha m’. It was masculine but not over the top. He went to Go Daddy and purchased

The Quest for

Very early on, he realized that the domain name was too long. After starting YouTube videos, he changed its title to ‘alpha m.’ as well as tried to purchase ‘alpha m.’ from Go Daddy. He wasn’t able to purchase the domain as it was owned by someone else. When he started (5 years ago), he tried to purchase ‘alpha m.’ at that point too. The owner was offered $5k, and they never responded.

URL Auction

About a week ago, he checked on Go Daddy for the domain name ‘alpha m.’. It was available for auction. Alpha had never bid on a domain in the past; however, he made a bid, and two days later a counter-offer was offered. He accepted, and he is now the proud owner of Apparently the owner let it expire, a company bought it, and it was put up for auction. The owner could have had $5K!

What Is

Now what is what Alpha going to do with it? He’s keeping as-is. Instead, he’ll have built as a resume of Aaron Marino (tabs going to each business). will be transitioned to  as well as each of his businesses will have a tab: Alpha M. YouTube,, MENfluential Media, MENfluential Conference (formerly StyleCon), Pete & Pedro, and Tiege Hanley.

It’s been a HUGE victory! The missing piece of the business has been found — it’s symbolic!