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Magic Bullet
Alpha is making one of his all time sweet treats! He has a huge weakness for ice cream, and nothing is better than a vanilla shake! The problem is that drinking too many will cause a spare tire, which goes against sticking to a diet and cutting calories. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents a healthy alternative to the vanilla shake.

Supplies and Ingredients

First, you need a Magic Bullet, which is the best invention for protein shakes. You also need a vanilla powder, sweetener (Stevia), vanilla extract, almond milk, and ice.


Add 5 ice cubes, sprinkle a bit of the sweetener, 1 scoop of protein powder, add 1 TBSP vanilla, and then pour 1 cup to the mix. Finish the rest of the way with water. Attach cap, and it’s time to party! Stick a straw in and enjoy! Total calorie count is 130 calories.

It totally satisfies his sweet tooth! It’s healthy, nutritious, and tastes great. And it totally kills the sweet tooth. Now, that is how you make the Alpha M. Vanilla Shake.