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How’s Alpha’s hair? His hair looks amazing! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM¬† AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says it looks amazing because of these six tricks! And he’s sharing them with you today.

Alpha’s Tricks to AMAZING Hair

1. Collagen — it’s the main protien in our body’s connective tissue. Supplement with it to have your hair grow and grow thicker. It also helps to fight damage, reduce rate of thinning, and slow graying.

2. Hair dryer — they are hair destroyers. Anything that produces heat wrecks havoc on your hair. If you use the hair dryer, don’t use on the hottest setting, hold it far enough away, and use a heat protectant spray like Pete & Pedro PROTECT. Pete & Pedro PROTECT has keratin (strengths), camomile (soothe), glycerin (seals & moisturizes), and botanicals (conditions).

3. Argan oil — it helps to restore your hair to luscious and shine. A few drops helps to nourish and strengthen by providing moisturizer. Heat and drug store hair products can cause damage to your hair. Argan oil like Pete & Pedro TREAT will help to restore the stripping and drying of cheap hair products. Also conditioning your hair, as with Pete & Pedro Condition, will help to replace the nourishment lost during shampooing as well as smooth the hair shaft and smooth the cuticle.

4. Sea Salt Pre-styler — it’s the biggest game changer for Alpha. His hair looks better, has more volume, and is not hard & crunchy. You can find DIY recipes but make sure to add argan oil to the mixture because straight salt will dry it out. Pete & Pedro SALT boasts sea kelp which acts as a barrier to seal in the moisture.

5. Combs — using a small toothed comb makes your hair go flat and lifeless. Instead, use hair product, emulsify in your hands to active, and then crunch & twist to generate piecy separations. This looks better than using a comb.

6. Hair products — you need to upgrade your hair product game. Cheap products won’t make your hair won’t be performing or looking as good as possible. The products aren’t good for your hair. The drugstore brand that is the best is American Crew. The best product period is Alpha’s Pete & Pedro — it’s good for hair performance and good for your hair.