How to Wear Men’s Cologne
Grooming Lounge- Recipe for Men’s Antiperspirant Deodorant
Grooming Lounge- Best for Last Aftershave
We are using more and more grooming products so there are more and more scents. How do you avoid fragrance overload? Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that all of these grooming products have fragrances, and all companies want to smell the best. The fragrance fog comes over your body. Make sure your grooming product fragrances aren’t competing with each other.

Aftershave closes pores after shaving and is an astringent to prevent post-shaving infections. Colognes are simply used to make yourself smell amazing. Use pulse points to active the cologne: How to Wear Men’s Cologne. However, do your aftershave and cologne compliment each other? You can find a matching aftershave for your cologne which works well. But you can find mild and less pungent aftershaves, which will be more skin conditioners. Grooming Lounge- Best for Last Aftershave is a great option.

Mild fragrances are recommended with soaps and lotions too. Smell the lotions before purchasing. Go with subtle and neutral scents. Women’s products work just as well too so don’t get convinced to buy ‘men’s only’ products.

Antiperspirants and deodorants should also be mild and knock anyone’s socks off such as Grooming Lounge- Recipe for Men’s Antiperspirant Deodorant. In regard to hair products, Pete & Pedro products smell amazing. Remember that when you actually work it through your hair, you hair doesn’t really smell because it’s so diluted. Alpha really likes Aveda products but they smell like sandalwood and the smell doesn’t fade through the day.

If you are using too many fragrance products that are overpowering each other and not working in harmony with each other, you probably stink. Go as neutral as possible with the grooming products and smell like your cologne. Let your personality be the overpowering part– not your smell.