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WIFH Laser Treatments
Aaron Marino of alpha m. starts this tutorial with word association. When Alpha says ‘stretch marks’, you think… pregnant women? Stretch marks happen to women but also happen to men. Stretch marks can be embarrassing, and the emails that Alpha gets about men’s stretch marks are increasing.

Stretch marks are scarring that occurs when the dermis is stretch. They start as reddish or purple lines but fade to natural skin color. They can happen anywhere on your body but mostly where fat accumulates. The skin is flexible, but if you grow faster than your skin can keep up, stretch marks can result. Fast weight gain and body builders experience stretch marks.

Once you have a stretch mark, it’s difficult or impossible to diminish them all together. Old stretch marks aren’t effectively treated. Fresh stretch marks are more receptive to treatment:

  1. Lather-up with moisturizer daily helps to prevent stretch marks
  2. Retin-A is a topical lotion that is prescribe for reducing / treating stretch marks due to collagen boosting properties
  3. Glycolic Acid removes the top layer of skin, bringing new skin to the top
  4. Combination of Retin-A with Glycolic Acid prescribed by a doctor
  5. Vitamin E oil applied to stretch marks to help the stretch marks heal
  6. Vitamin C (500 mg) orally helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  7. If you are looking to take it up a notch, go under the laser. Talk to a specialist (see link above)