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Ask Alpha | Snobby Style Blogs

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Alpha got an email the other day about men’s style forums that he wants to address. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro reads the viewer’s email which addresses ‘style snobbery’.

Alpha says that there is a lot of style snobbery out there which deters the average guy from taking an active interest in dressing better. From watching these snobby style blogs & vlogs, the average guy thinks that if you’re not wearing X, Y, and Z then it’s ‘bad’.

Alpha gives an example of a men’s style forum on Reddit. Alpha got completely snubbed and made fun of because of his answer regarding his three favorite shoes that he has in his wardrobe. Alpha was astonished because some people take style so seriously. Some people think they’re the ‘style expert’. They learn a little bit, then they think they’re the expert on style.

Alpha’s message (as well as Primer, Masculine Style, Antonio, Dapper, Effortless Gent, Brock, Effortless Gent) is the regular guy who is giving his personal take and spin on style. Each gives tips and help where they can but they never say a definitive that makes you cool and stylish. Style is subjective- what Alpha thinks is stylish may be different from what you think is stylish. There is no right or wrong! Alpha doesn’t go to most style blogs or read GQ & Esquire because that’s not Alpha’s price range and style comfort zone. All of these reasons are why Alpha started alpha m. Image Consulting in the first place.

Be careful going on some of these sites — they can make you feel badly about yourself and are populated by a bunch of know-it-alls. If anyone tells you that you are ‘wrong’ or that you aren’t ‘cool’, give them the finger because they are wrong. Fashion and style is FUN and should match your personality. Style shouldn’t be taken too seriously or else you’ll look like an asshole. Find what you love and rock it!

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