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How Old Is Too Old for Men to Wear Earrings?

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One of the comments that Alpha sees on YouTube (other than ‘what is wrong with your eye‘) is about his earrings. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro addresses what age is appropriate to wear men’s earrings.

Alpha talks about Harrison Ford’s left ear earring and the public’s perception. He also talks about his dad who has an earring and pulls it off great. Alpha then discusses women’s perceptions about men’s earrings: hate it, love it, and care less. Safe bet is to take it out if you’re concerned or worried about what someone thinks. The other option is to rock it! That’s the approach Alpha takes.

Alpha got his pierced in 6th grade. Then in 10th grade, he pierced the other ear. A piercing havoc broke loose after that! He even had his nipple pierced in college. All of his piercings except his two ear lobe piercings have been excommunicated from his body. When he goes in for important meetings or doesn’t know people, he takes his earrings out. It’s not the potential risk. He’s a realist!

Earrings are removable, unlike tattoos. Gauges are a trend that is body modification that will require surgery to repair. Think about Alpha and his moon tattoo that he thought he’d love his whole life.

So, how old is too old for earrings? It’s totally personal preference! If you love them, keep going! Ultimately, it’s up for you to decide. Or, post YouTube videos and have people offer their ‘constructive‘ criticisms (“stupid‘ “gay” “too old“)!

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