Scentbird Men
Your image is all of the non-verbal communicating within the first 10 seconds of meeting someone new. How you walk, stand, eye contact, hand shake, grooming, what you wear, and how you smell. Have you ever worn a cologne that with each squirt your confidence rises?

Aaron Marino of alpha m. says wearing an overpowering fragrance is as offensive as body odor. What’s too much? For each new cologne, you have to test drive to figure out it’s projection and intensity. You should have multiple fragrances in your scent arsenal. Further, you need different colognes for different occasions.

Remember that fragrances smell differently on different people. Alpha tells a story about the expensive cologne, Creed Aventus. He ordered it online because he loved how it smelled on his friend. He wore it for about a week, and he didn’t like it on himself! He hasn’t worn it since. He also has had this issue when he bought cologne in the store, but when he got it home, he didn’t like it.

That being said, Alpha is so excited about a company, Scentbird, which he found in Forbes two months ago. It’s like Netflix for cologne and is one of the best business ideas that Alpha’s seen in a long time. You create a profile, then for $15 per month for a subscription, you get a Scentbird canister which holds 120 squirts (about 2 months at 2 squirts per day).

Alpha talks about the scents that he’s tried. You get to try and test– Alpha digs it! It’s a great concept and company and can help you find your signature scent!