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ADED Pant:
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You should be a ‘nice guy’ but not a push over. Likewise, you should want to look like a ‘bad boy’ even though you have a five year plan. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says he has you hooked up!

Implement These Bad Boy Style Tricks

  1. Wear a turtle neck with a suit — sexy!
  2. Ditch the stripes — go solid black instead
  3. Not afraid of showing man cleavage and chest exposure — make sure you’re manscaped
  4. Expose your forearm — studies prove the #1 sexiest male body part is the exposed forearm
  5. Ditch the blue jeans for gray or black jeans (stretch denim)
  6. Accessorize like a bad boys — beaded bracelets, cool chains, and dope-ass shades

Bad Boy Casual Clothes

The Public Rec polo is the most perfect polo in the history of polos: perfect length, side details, contrasting placket, and the collar is not too big & wide. Check out Public Rec for incredible for casual, athleisure, awesome clothing. Get an incredible polo now — along with their Go-To Henley that comes in a ton of colors. The fit and fabric are both amazing as their quality is insane. Their ADED Pant is crazy comfortable with tapering to the ankle which is available in sizes like regular pants but feels like sweat pants. The discount code AlphaMFeb19 is for a limited time — and they WILL sell out at these prices.