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Sleep More, Burn More Fat
Cool Temperature Alters Human Fat and Metabolism
Cold Acclimation Recruits Human Brown Fat and Increases Nonshivering Thermogenesis
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro, Ollie, and ENEMY shows his physique and his weight in the evening and then in the morning. Did he really lose 8 pounds in 10 hours? Yes! But all 8 pounds weren’t fat — but some of it was.

How to Actually Lose More Body Fat While Sleeping

  1. Sleep more — research has found that people who sleep more lose more body fat even when eating the same amount of calories. When your body is awake longer, your metabolism downshifts and burns less calories. Your body is in overdrive when you sleep more.
  2. Lower the temperature — research has demonstrated that sleeping in a cooler environment cranks up your metabolism.
  3. Lift weights — nothing helps you burn more calories at rest than muscles. Every 10# of muscle burns 50 calories at rest per day.
  4. Make sure you drink plenty of water — stay super hydrated to lose water weight but don’t overdo it (a gallon is safe but check with your doctor when changing from what you typically consume).
  5. Go low carb — your body will retain less water.

Alpha wants to warn those who want to engage in detoxes, cleaners, and diuretics. They are not a good idea and are quick fixes. Your body is not designed to be dehydrated & constantly ‘cleansed’ and are not a solution to losing body fat. They’re not healthy, in Alpha’s opinion. BE CAREFUL as this is your body.

Digital Body Analyzer Scale

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