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Sometimes you get what you pay for, but other times you’re paying for hype (aka super cheap). In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro , and Ollie says if you can spot quality you can find super deals and detect items that are overpriced.

Quality Indicators

  1. Highly finished jean cuff seams
  2. YKK zipper
  3. Durable polo seams
  4. Details — take time and money
  5. Fabric — how does it feel (soft, stretchy, doesn’t lose its shape)
  6. Shoe leather and how the upper is attached to the sole
  7. Dress shirt shoulder fabric is lined-up perfectly
  8. Suit functioning button holes, kissing buttons, and pick stitching
  9. Tee shirt collar
  10. Explore different brands — and don’t fall into the mindset that expense or logos equate to high quality

Super Premium at Affordable Prices

Public Rec Go-To Henley keeps its shape (even over a year), and their All Day Every Day Pant (still look amazing after a year) is perfect for working out as well as running around town. Alpha loves his — they have a great taper with waist & inseam sizes. They’re not super tight or big & baggy. The Workday Pant is a new product — like a typical 5 pocket pair of jeans but the fabric & details are incredible. It’s a bit nicer than the All Day Every Day Pant.  Check out their polos and Politan Hoodie too! Use the discount code AlphaMMar19 to check out Public Rec.