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Shopping for Aaron Marino’s First Tuxedo
Alpha is going to have a style battle for ultimate tuxedo supremacy! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro announces it’s about to go down! Hugo Boss vs SUITSUPPLY. This is not a sponsored video. Alpha has dished out the cash for both tuxedos.

To start off, Alpha bought the Hugo Boss tuxedo begrudgingly for his friend’s wedding. The Hugo Boss tux ($1,200) was purchased from the Hugo Boss retail store. The price and quality were both higher than the Hugo Boss tuxedos in department stores, but the service was exemplary although he had to go through many modifications.

Hugo Boss Tuxedo Analysis

  • Pants fit every well.
  • Jacket size is 36 regular rather than a short (not available). The length was fine, but the sleeves had to be taken up. Note that the button holes are not functioning.The shoulders also were altered with extra padding to get rid of the dents. Even after modifications, one shoulder has more of a point than the other.
  • This piece of clothing was the most he’s ever paid, and he had to endure several fittings and modifications.


SUITSUPPLY Tuxedo Analysis

  • Pants were hemmed.
  • Jacket is a 36 short and unaltered. The lapels are peaked, and the shoulder are a cleaner line than Hugo Boss. The button holes are functional and kissing (sign of higher quality).
  • The price was $569.00


Overall Analysis

The Hugo Boss fabric is heavier and nicer than SUITSUPPLY; however, the SUITSUPPLY construction is better than Hugo Boss. The Hugo Boss wins with the pants, and the jacket is better with SUITSUPPLY. The price is not even close: $1,200 (Hugo Boss) vs $569 (SUITSUPPLY). The better overall tuxedo, that is superior, is SUITSUPPLY in Alpha’s opinion.