Two Ways to Roll Up Long Sleeves | Basic Roll and Double Back

December 5, 2013
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In life and style, three alpha m. facts will never change: (1) men will always wear button up shirts, (2) when wearing button-up shirts, men will always have the need to roll up sleeves, and (3) there will always be men who will always be a little bit confused about the proper way to roll-up sleeves.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. says there are only two ways to roll-up long sleeves. The first (The Basic Roll) is simple and classic. Go at least two big and clean folds. The second (The Double Back) allows for personalization and stylization and is great with contrasting fabric. A band of the cool fabric is revealed with this fold.

The Basic Roll

  1. Unbutton the sleeve including the gauntlet button
  2. Use the cuff as the width template
  3. Roll and keep doubling back
  4. The cleaner the roll, the higher you can go without looking bunchy


The Double Back

  1. Pull cuff up
  2. Take hand underneath
  3. Pull cuff in, keeping it as tight and straight as possible
  4. The band of contrasting fabric is revealed


Roll With Attitude (Modern Tailor 4 Life)!

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