Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses three types of men’s jacket lapels and details about each. Should a guy go with a notched, peaked or shawl lapel?

The most standard in single breasted jacket is the notched lapel for the past 70 years. The peaked lapel is the go-to option for the double breasted jacket. Are double breasted jackets coming back in style? Yes, and peaked lapels are synonymous with double breasted jackets. It’s a bit more formal than single breasted jacket. Note that the single breasted jacket is being made a bit more elegant with a peaked lapel. The last type of lapel is the shawl lapel. It was made popular by smoking jackets. Tuxedos have shawl lapels (as well as notched and peaked, which are more trendy). Shawl lapels with a smoking jacket would kill it at a Playboy party. The lapel is determined by the personal preference and occasion.