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Ribbed Tee
Ribbed Tee’s CoolWear | Supima | V-Neck White Undershirt
Alpha is here to ‘right a wrong’ in regard to a statement he made a few years ago. He stated that undershirts suck and should be avoided at all costs. He now realizes this statement was ‘ignorant’ and ‘dumb’. Aaron Marino of alpha m. states that there are practical and important reasons to wear an undershirt.

Five very specific reasons why men may want to wear undershirts

  1. preventing nipples from showing through light colored shirts- this also goes for perky nipples and man boobs
  2. reducing and preventing sweat rings
  3. layering with undershirts to stay warmer
  4. protecting your super sassy shirts from getting stained
  5. comfort and feel


For the stylish and image conscious man, undershirts can cause a bit of a problem

  1. Visibility- You don’t want anything breaking up that clean and sexy look and line you’ve created. An undershirt peeking out tends do that.
  2. Contour and lines of your body-  having a baggy shirt under your shirt can throw off both with that extra fabric.


Not all undershirts are created equal. The Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, and other big and boxy undershirts are something to be rebelled again. After extensive research and testing, Alpha has discovered the answer– Ribbed Tee!

How to rock an undershirt

  1. Fit – You need a tee shirt to fit you like a glove (snug without a lot of extra fabric), and it needs to be long enough to tuck in (and stay tucked-in all day).
  2. Feel – the Ribbed Tee feels great against nipples because the Ribbed Tee is made with Supima cotton.
  3. Function – what does this undershirt need to do? Alpha needs the undershirt not to be visible when wearing a v-neck. This Ribbed Tee is the best that he has found– it’s totally undetectable!


The best chance for an undetectable undershirt, you need to get one that is complimentary to the tone of the shirt you’re wearing. Black (dark tone), white (light tone), and gray (medium tone) are the three shirts which you can match to the shirt you are wearing.

Undershirts rock, but if they are showing, baggy, or bulky then they still suck. Are you wearing an undershirt or are you ROCKING an undershirt? To rock it, pay attention to the 3 Fs (fit, feel, function).

Alpha thinks the best on the market is Ribbed Tee. This Ribbed Tee v-neck is undetectable! Undershirts are functional and practical with 5 specific functions. And now you know how to ROCK one!