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BY admin February 17, 2021


10 Items EVERY Guy Needs to TRASH!

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Alpha did something last weekend that felt so good — a wardrobe purging! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says you need to TRASH these wardrobe items today. Get rid of (DONATE) the crap and clutter to operate your wardrobe effectively. 

Wardrobe purge time

  1. Super trendy clothes that aren’t stylish anymore — make sure to donate to charity!
  2. Dad shoes — they are ugly so toss them.
  3. Fun socks — you will look like a dork wearing crazy socks. Instead, match them to your pants.
  4. Janky joggers — get rid of ones made out of sweatpant material and that don’t fit. They need to fit through the legs and shouldn’t be too long.
  5. Worn out, tired, little boy hoodies — if they are baggy and youthful, elevate your hoodie game. Get rid of ones with writing too.
  6. Cross-body bags — they are stupid because they are fanny packs!
  7. Big, baggy, boxy suits — if it’s out of shape and gigantic on you, don’t keep it. Remember, don’t buy a suit in a department store and get your suits tailored to fit you better (they can’t tailor armholes)
  8. These tee shirts — trash those that are deep v, have yellow pits stains, have offensive language/slogans, are big & baggy (it’s all about tricep exposure!). Make sure the fit is precise.
  9. Jeans that make you look like a sausage — there’s a big difference between skinny okay and skinny too tight. Too tight is not super sexy.
  10. The stand-alone ‘stash — get rid of it! No one wants that nasty thing!
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