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BY admin February 25, 2019


10 Ways Guys Are Dressing WRONG!

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is going to help you dress sexier and sharper by going over how men dress incorrectly and how to fix them.

Men’s Style Flaws¬† + Simple Fixes

  1. White undershirts with white dress shirts — instead go gray
  2. Wearing black shoes with navy — instead go brown
  3. Collar is too big — make sure the one finger rule is followed
  4. The sloppy sleeve roll — Two Ways to Roll Up Long Sleeves + Basic Roll and Double Back
  5. Not wearing a watch — wear a watch on the regular
  6. Not understand and properly aligning the gig — create a seamless line
  7. Wearing sunglasses inside — when you enter a building, remove them within 3-steps. Hang on your shirt.
  8. Wearing a polo shirt with a jacket, sport coat, or under a v-neck sweater — just don’t
  9. Tucking a Henley — it’s not supposed to be tucked. You can partial tuck: How to Partially Tuck In a Shirt
  10. The muffin top — wear shirt tail garter or a tailored shirt (not just fitted)

Show Those Sexy Forearms!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of forearm exposure — senoritas go crazy over forearms! And while we’re talking forearms, don’t fail to not wear a super sexy watch. You’ll look responsible, reliable, and dig watches. Watches are functional and super fashionable — they are the greatest accessory a guy can wear. You need to wear a watch on the regular. If you are looking for a beautiful watch that won’t break the bank, check out MVMT. Peruse Alpha’s curated collection — he loves the Revolver Collection pieces. Super clean and sexy — grab one and wear it in style. Check out Alpha’s personal MVMT picks & grab them at a discount!

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