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Recently,  a lot of attention and discussion has taken place regarding quitting social media. Even Casey Neistat has jumped on the bandwagon. Well, Aaron did this 2-years ago when the election was in full swing. He couldn’t handle it! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarinoPete & Pedro , and Ollie says the stopped the news back in 2007 — he chose to be ‘blissfully ignorant’, and he says it’s been a great decision. Then recently, when he took a class over at Skillshare by Gary Vaynerchuk (Context Is Key: Social Media in a Noisy Online World), Aaron started thinking more deeply about how social media directly impacts his life. The class opened his eyes.

As a result, he ended up quitting social media by not consuming news and being off of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on his phone for 90-days. He installed the Skillshare app instead — he watched classes instead of surfing social media mindlessly. Skillshare a learning platform and community with classes in business, design, writing, and other creative avenues. Aaron loves the entrepreneurship and business classes. Skillshare is the best in the business — sign up for 2-months of premium FREE. Skillshare is regularly $10 per month with unlimited learning and access of over 27,000 classes (they constantly add and upgrade).

What Aaron’s Learned by Quitting Social Media

  1. He’s so much happier and less stressed-out
  2. He’s totally out-of-touch with reality
  3. He’s become more compassionate
  4. He’s a better listener
  5. His to-do list has gotten knocked out
  6. He’s learned so much more
  7. He got more creative
  8. He’s been sleeping better
  9. He’s able to concentrate better & focus
  10. He has a better relationship with is wife

Aaron thinks it’s unrealistic to think that he won’t spent ANY time on social media, specially due to business — but you can LIMIT the time and make it more specific. He’s healthier and happier as a result to not being focused on social media. Instead he’s focused on himself. Limit your exposure to social media as there’s a lot of toxicity out there.