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BY admin November 19, 2020


6 Things Making YOUR Body Look BAD!

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5 Underwear Mistakes DAMAGING Your Package
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is going over mistakes that make your body look bad. With clothing, you can camouflage your perceived negatives and maximize your positive attributes. But when the clothes come off, that is what Alpha’s talking about. You need to be proud and happy. Here’s how to handle it. 

How to look great out of your clothes

  1. Not working legs — it’s all about a well-balanced fitness program. Don’t neglect your lower body!
  2. Having a monster man bush — big Al looks smaller when surrounded by fuzz and fur! If you get rid of that, it looks bigger. Manscape your junk how you want, but you need to get rid of your back hair. You can ask someone else, do it yourself, wax/cream it off, or have it lasered off.
  3. Chafing and discoloration in the inner thigh — upon researching this problem, as Alpha has been experiencing this, he discovered Sheath underwear is the answer. It’s all about the pouch which separates the boys, body, and big Al. You’ll stay cooler and drier, which prevents chafing.
  4. Having ugly tattoos all over– think before you go through the ink process because the removal is painful and expensive. Alpha was embarrassed by his and had them laser removed.
  5. Using steroids — for one, they increase the likelihood of man boobs. Alpha doesn’t recommend the use of steroids due to the adverse effects. Natural gains will last with you longer.
  6. Having acne — it’s embarrassing and sucks! If you are exercising and get hot/sweaty, change your shirt and shower afterward. Use a body puff or scrubber too. If you are breaking out, make sure you’re exfoliating. Also, make sure to exfoliate after manscaping, so hair doesn’t get stuck under the skin.


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