13 Things You Should NEVER Do to Your Penis

July 9, 2024
After a weird incident that happened with one of my friends on a date, I want to address some things that men should never do to their wieners. For my friend, he ended up with a penile fracture from rough sex. Most of the time, penile fractures come from being too aggressive or from some type of weird movement. That being said, here are some things you should never do to Big Al.

NEVER do this to Big Al!

  1. Being too aggressive. Whether or not it’s with somebody or by yourself, injuries can happen. If you ever feel a lot of pain or hear a pop, go to the doctor.
  2. Sticking it in dirty places. You can develop infections and STDs from unprotected action. Some STDs can be cured with medication, but others you will carry around like bad luggage for the rest of your life. Some, left untreated, can cause a lot of damage, including infertility.
  3. Not peeing after action. If you urinate after action, you lessen the chance of developing infections. Urinating helps to flush out some of the bacteria.
  4. Having a dirty weiner. You must clean it properly in the shower with warm water and soap. If you’re uncut, you need to focus on cleaning the inside to remove bacteria.
  5. Not using appropriate lubrication. Using hand lotion has parabens, which are endocrine-disrupting chemicals and terrible for you. Upgrade your lube.
  6. Being embarrassed of it. Do not compare your junk to others. Do not ask your partner if it’s bigger than her ex-boyfriend. If you’re insecure, do something about it, such as using Bathmate. If you’re insecure or just want a bigger Big Al, try a Bathmate that has a 60-day money-back guarantee. Nothing to lose, only length and girth to gain. Other options include various surgeries such as lengthening.
  7. Taking boner pills. You should never take any type of enlargement supplement. Natural ones I’ve spoken about are good, but anything that you find in a gas station is a bad idea.
  8. Showing it off in public. Do not do any weird things in public, which includes peeing. Do not expose yourself or take dick pix (especially ones with your face in it!).
  9. Soaking in hot temperatures. Whether in a hot tub or a hot bath, high temps are terrible for your testicles.
  10. Riding bicycles. Bicycle seats put pressure on the underside of your junk, causing potential impotence or ED. Your bike seat should have a carved-out or hollow center to protect yourself. You need to make sure your seat is ergonomically suited for your junk.
  11. Ignoring it. If something’s going on, such as pain, burning, scabbing, bruising, or otherwise, go to the doctor.
  12. Not using it. You need to get hard regularly so as not to lose function. Regularly means using it on a regular basis, such as 21 times a month. Whether solo or with a partner, using it regularly is healthy for your prostate, like lifting weights for your other muscles.
  13. Wearing tight underwear or pants. Ensure Big Al can breathe and is not packed into your pants. Packing into your pants means more heat, which can kill sperm and increase nuts’ muskyness. Don’t be stinky by using ball powder regularly.

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