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BY admin September 7, 2020


7 Things MOST {Good Looking} Guys Are INSECURE About!

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Everyone is insecure about something — some of us have more insecurities than others. And as Alpha has gotten older, some insecurities have faded and others have emerged.¬† In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM¬† AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says you’re not alone if you have insecurities — and he is going over seven of them plus their fixes. Some insecurities may not be able to be ‘fixed’ but how you let them affect you is something you can control.

1. Facial hair — patchy facial hair can be handled through Minoxidil, facial hair transplants, or simply rock what you’re got (which is the best option, in Alpha’s opinion).

2. Body — no matter how jacked or not, dudes have insecurities about their bodies. Alpha’s body insecurity has been his calves. Keep in mind that most women don’t want a ‘higher maintenance diva dude’ that’s all jacked and shredded.

3. Hair — hair loss is a confidence killer for some men. Alpha uses a low laser therapy cap from Bosley as a preventative measure. If you are worried about losing your hair, starting to lose your hair, or experiencing hair loss, schedule a consultation with Bosley to discover your options — and the sooner the better.

4. Height — Alpha’s 5′ 6″ and notes that many celebrities that you may have never known are short.

5. Penis — porn paints unrealistic expectations for dudes as the average size is 3.61 inches / 9.16 centimeters.

6. Money — social media paints an unrealistic perception of money, because reality is working & saving. Live within your means and set budgets. Focus on financial responsibility.

7. Career — remember that finding the career you love may take some time and you may incur some wrong turns & speed bumps along the way.

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