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Your game is going to an 11 — or even a 12 — after this video! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that women dress for other women. However, men are simple because everything that men do revolves around sex.

What Men Wear That Women Love!

First, here’s how Alpha’s wife became his muse. He just got his Gentleman’s Box which is one of his favorite boxes of all time. He gets 4 – 6 super cool men’s accessories each month. The cost is $25, but you get over $100 of items in each box. Each box has a theme with incredible and cool gear. You also get a free subscription to GQ magazine. Alpha’s wife pulled out tie and pocket square, noting they’re super sexy— which turns-out to be the inspiration for this video!

  1. The tee shirt and jeans – basic, plain, simple, masculine, stylish, and timeless
  2. Great leather jacket – sexy!
  3. Nice & stylish shoes
  4. Eye wear – wearing stylish eye wear can make you look interesting and intellectual. Everyone looks incredible in cool shades.
  5. Sexy v-neck black sweater – classic, versitle, and crazy sexy. It can be layered too.
  6. Utilizing color – showcases your confidence and savage style.
  7. Watch – it doesn’t have to be expensive. It sends a subliminal message of confidence, responsible, and reliable.
  8. Well-tailored suit –  you look incredible and feel amazing!
  9. Pocket square – it looks put together, polished, and presentable.
  10. Confidence! When you have it and enter the room, it’s undeniable!


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