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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  is presenting steps to look good while you’re cheering for your favorite sports teams! Cameras and spicy senoritas are everywhere!

Look Super Sexy While Cheering and Jeering!

1. Don’t go shirtless or wear body paint

2. Don’t wear big oversized jerseys — size down or get them tailored

3. Not being prepared for the cold-ass weather — layer so you can remove or add layers as needed. Long-johns or thermals are recommended as well as long sleeve black tee shirts. A light-weight puffer jacket is also advised. For hats go for a solid black hat (from Mountain Khaki), and for gloves (from REI).

4. Don’t wear the wrong footwear — wear something that can get dirty while still looking stylish (don’t wear your favorite shoes). Chelsea boot or affordable Puma fashion sneaks are great way to go.

5. Light colored jeans and chinos are a bad idea because of spills and pee-stains

6. Wearing too much of a good thing — less is more to look as stylish as you can (no more than three)

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