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10 BEST Supplements to Build a Better Body
DISCLAIMER: Everything Alpha is presenting are his own opinions! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro, Ollie, and ENEMY says ten supplements are a waste money and potentially dangerous. They are popular but are worthless.

These Supplements Are Complete Trash!

  1. OTC diuretics — you can potentially get dehydrated and cause damage to your body. Instead drink more water to flush your body.
  2. Quick fixes — fitness is not a simple, quick thing
  3. Testosterone boosters — some natural supplements are supportive, but if you give your body hormones it doesn’t need, the results can be very negative. Visit a doctor for a testosterone level blood tests.
  4. Beef protien powder — these amino acids versus whey isolate suck! The higher the bioavailabilty index, the better. Signature Series is amazing! Tastes great, absorbs instantly, and the amino acid profile is optimum.
  5. Colon cleansers — just eat a high fiber diet. Meat doesn’t hang out in your intestines.
  6. Synthetic multi-vitamins — New Chapter | Every Man, which Alpha has taken for years, is a whole food multi-vitamin and highly recommended because it’s absorbable.  Even a proper diet doesn’t provide all the nutrients you need daily. Take it at night before going to bed.
  7. Any herb that doesn’t say ‘standardized’ — standardized means a process was used to determine how much of that respective ingredient is in the capsule rather than winging it.
  8. Fat burners — these are dangerous because they’re stimulants and raise your resting heart rate. They can also have adverse effects on their adrenal glands. Black coffee is what Alpha consumes as well as natural L-Carnitine, specifically Quadracarn by Beverly International, before doing cardio.
  9. Weight gainer shakes that have a ton of sugar (empty calories)– get your calories up with Whey protien + banana + peanut butter + almond milk instead. Your body can only assimilate a certain amount of protein at a time.
  10. Grocery / drug store vitamins — all of them! They are crap! Rely on the integrity of the company manufacturer these products, so buy high quality from a reputable company that is in the business of manufacturing oils, vitamins, and herbs.

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