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BY admin June 10, 2020


My Net Worth 2020 {REVEALED}

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Money makes Alpha uncomfortable to talk about — especially his money. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says if search him online his wife comes up first and his ‘net worth’ comes up next. Apparently he’s worth 4 million according to online — and he doesn’t know where that number was derived. He has $80 on him!

How Alpha generates revenue

The oldest revenue generator is YouTube — the views. It’s a very small part of the equation as he makes more from promotional videos. He promotes brands he loves and loves integrating the content.

Next, MENfluential Media is another revenue generator for him. He partnered with his best friend Terry and his colleague Antonio Centeno. They help brands ‘spend their money’ with influencers — they represent 30-40 of the biggest men’s lifestyle YouTubers, vloggers, Instagrammers, and podcasters.

Pete & Pedro is his baby — he started it in his bedroom for $3,000. Year #1 he made $35,000, and now the company has grown exponentially. Alpha feels this business will be a monster one day.

Tiege Hanley was started by Alpha, Rob, Kelley, and the chemist about 4-years ago. The annual revenue is the most but not profitability — all money is invested back into the company.

Alpha’s sunglasses company is ENEMY, created to produce and offer a product that he loves, that is high quality, and the price is affordability (under $100 for premium shades). ENEMY sells out super fast — the reviews are amazing.

What does Alpha do with company profit?

Alpha invests his profit back into his businesses (technology and labor) in order to grow them. He has some real estate investments, and he has invested some as well. He has a new business coming in where he’ll be the landlord and part owners of the business (aka passive income). Passive income is investing in stock market such as 401-K, IRAs, and angel investing. The higher the risk, the higher potential returns. He has invested in the past and lost money, but that is the risk of being a entrepreneur.

Alpha doesn’t know his net worth — and he doesn’t care. As long as he makes a difference in people’s lives (you, friends, family), he’s the richest guy in the world.

Avoid these financial mistakes by…

1. Making a budget — what’s coming in? what’ going out?

2. Living within your means.

3. Not using credit cards for stupid purchases — interest is the devil.

4. Learning about money and investing  — money management is a skill.

5. Saving your money — housing + transportation (60% of what money is spent on) and living below your means.

6. Paying down your debt — delay gratification so you are in control of your destiny.

7. Not loan friends and family money — instead give it to them. Loans don’t work out, and relationships are ruined.

8. Start saving as early as you can — save part of your income whether 30% or less, and the earlier your start, the more compounding interest.



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