Do THIS If an Attractive Woman Looks at YOU Twice!

April 8, 2024
Today, I will present a step-by-step plan that details exactly what to do and when to do it when she actually looks at you. I’ll also give a few conversation starters to get her excited and keep the conversation rolling.

If she looks at you …

  • Don’t get in your head. Yes, she’s looking at you. But many times, guys will start thinking it wasn’t them.
  • Don’t reach for your phone. Make sure to put your phone away, as you should not be distracted or accidentally glance down at it.
  • Smirk and have a sparkle in your eyes. She’ll look at you once and then look back again. Return the look. Hold the gaze for three seconds and then look away. With a second look, you have to decide if she’s spicy enough for you and if you want to start a conversation with her. Count down to three and approach.
  • Do not fail to launch. When you approach, maintain eye contact and smile. Look friendly and happy.
  • Smell amazing. Check out Pete & Pedro’s best-in-class men’s fragrances.
  • Work that fear muscle. You will overcome fear the more you approach.
  • Introduce yourself and start with an opening line like, ‘Do I know you from somewhere? You look so incredibly familiar, but I can’t place you.’ It’s easy to introduce yourself and get a conversation started. You can also try the OSA method to observe, share, and ask. I detail this in the video.
  • Make a habit of asking open-ended questions.
  • Keep the conversation light and fresh. The more fun you can keep the conversation, the better. Playful banter can make a quick connection. Make sure you’re not dry, and make sure you smile.

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