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BY Debbie Probst October 10, 2018


Aaron's New {Secret} Project

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Ollie Smile
Why is Alpha’s smile so dazzling white? In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  says it’s Ollie – his new business. He’s getting nervous, because Ollie is getting ready to launch! He’s so excited to share with you this teeth whitening system.


At MENfluential Conference this year, Alpha met Marcus who presented this badass teeth whitening strips for sensitive teeth. Terry who has sensitivity to teeth whitening trays tried them and thought they were the greatest thing ever. Terry and Marcus decided if Alpha and Terry’s brother Bryan were interested, they would all 4 start this business.

After Alpha was sent the product and tried Ollie, he realized how amazing the product is. He then took it home to his wife who has super crazy sensitive teeth. After she tried them, she immediately asked if he could get her more.

The Smile Company

Your smile is one of the most important non-verbal communicating tools you have. If you don’t have a white smile, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Ollie has figured out an amazing solution for getting the white smile and keeping a white smile. It all starts with the transformation kit with a shade guide and treatments. Wear for 30-minutes and your smile is noticeably whiter. You can skip days in between if you need, but you need to use all 12 treatments in the 30 days. Thereafter, you’ll get maintenance packs for one treatment per week. Keep using to keep the white smile!

Never Forget When to Ollie

Set reminders from the Ollie dash for text notifications of when to Ollie. You will never miss a treatment. It’s so amazing. Ollie is easy, it doesn’t hurt, and you can rock them for only 30-minutes. And the best thing is they’re CHEAP. They work better than Crest Strips too. You can buy month-to-month plan or you can buy an annual plan. You can also get just the transformation kit.

This business is not just for men – so Alpha will not be the only influencer promoting it. Don’t be surprised if your girlfriend brings Ollie you, and you can say, “That’s Alpha’s company!” If you’re interested in having an amazing smile, Ollie is a game-changer. Have a smile you’re proud of.

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