10 Bad Habits Holding Young Men Back in Life

February 13, 2024
I don’t care what your friends are doing. Just because they’re doing something doesn’t mean it’s okay. The truth is your friends are probably holding you back because if you’re hanging out with losers, you’re never going to accomplish anything. That said, I want to review some bad habits holding you back.

Bad habits you need to break.

  1. Hanging out with losers. If you’re ready to level up your life, you must surround yourself with higher-quality people. It’s okay to outgrow people, which this step is a struggle for many men. You need to break away from these people and break the cycle.
  2. Not having a clear and defined goal. You need to have a direction — if you’re unsure of where you’re going in life, you must create a plan. That plan will change and adjust as you start your journey, but you must have a North Star.
  3. Not being able to communicate appropriately. If you’re using filler words or cursing excessively, you need to master communication. You should also master texting and speaking on the phone effectively.
  4. Being obsessive about technology consumption. If you spend a lot of time on devices, you’re wasting time. It also destroys dopamine levels. You get a shot of dopamine every time you’re surfing porn or spanking Big Al. This dopamine release will make you lazy and waste time — and as you know, time is your most valuable resource.
  5. Neglecting your health. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to be healthier. Implement a few basic things, such as 30 minutes of lifting + cardio + flexibility, drinking 120 oz of water daily, and eating healthier. Use AG1 for your micronutrients.
  6. Not getting enough sleep. If you do not sleep enough, you won’t look good, feel good, or be optimal.
  7. Sleeping around. You could potentially get somebody pregnant, and then you’ll have a kid when you’re not ready to. This will impact your ability to get ahead in life. You also could potentially get an STD. Make sure you wrap that rascal.
  8. Dressing like crap. When you take pride in your appearance, you will feel better about yourself, and others will respect you. You have three seconds to make an impression. If that impression is bad because your style sucks, you’re going to have to work exponentially harder to prove yourself.
  9. Projecting a poor image on social media. Don’t post things that are not respectable and are irresponsible. You don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot just because you think it’s funny to post pictures of you doing something stupid. These posts could impact your dating, potential relationships, employment, and more.
  10. Procrastinating. Do not wait for perfect timing because it doesn’t exist. Take action, and don’t be afraid of doing hard work. Hard work is essential and critical to success. But this does not mean being a people pleaser. Feel free to have an opinion, but don’t be a dummy. Make sure you’re educating yourself and seeking knowledge. You will stagnate and not progress if you do not learn something new daily.

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