7 Behaviors That MAKE People Respect You

January 16, 2024
Everybody thinks they deserve respect, but have they done what needs to be done to earn it? Respect is built over time through actions and habits. These behaviors that you choose to do daily dictate whether or not you’ve earned respect. I will review some behaviors that automatically make other people respect you.

Remember that once you gain respect, you must continue to do what you did to get there. Live a virtuous life, not worry about other people’s actions, don’t put others down for being different, and be respectable. Be willing to put in the hard work and not expect handouts. Respect means not bitching and complaining about life not being fair. Go out and grab your destiny, and people will personally respect you.

Why I respect you

  1. Communicates well. Communication can automatically make people respect you more or less. People will lose respect for you because you sound ignorant if you use many filler words. If you’re cussing a lot regularly, this also makes people not respect you, as you will seem unintelligent. Effective and clear communication also goes for what you say digitally. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. You need to undo some of the bad habits that you developed.
  2. Physique. People respect you based on your muscularity or if you’re overly fat. You don’t want to look sloppy because that will automatically make people lose respect for you; they think you don’t care about yourself or value yourself the way you should. Suppose you see somebody with a nice physique, musculature, and low body fat. In that case, that shows the person respects and takes care of themselves physically.
  3. Dresses and grooms. Your respect level will drop if you’re sloppy and your grooming is a whack. But on the flip side, if you are well-groomed and have good hygiene, people will respect you more—the same thing with style. If you dress with pride in your appearance, you’ll gain respect. But if you’re dressing sloppy and lazy, people will not waste time on you.
  4. Toughness and resilience. How you handle yourself in challenging situations will dictate how much respect people will have for you. Suppose you’re tough emotionally and mentally when life throws obstacles at you. In that case, you will overcome adversity, and people will look at you with respect. Stand up for yourself, and don’t allow other people to treat you poorly.
  5. Manners. Good manners should be taught more. You need to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ ‘yes sir’ and ‘yes ma’am,’ open the door for people, and let people walk through first. Manners will teach people how to treat you and respect you.
  6. Financial stability. You don’t need to drive a Lambo but must be financially stable. I’ve been broken and not broke, and not broke is a lot better. I respect myself more, others respect me more, and my self-esteem and confidence are stronger. Feeling good about yourself is impossible if you’re stressed out about cash. Everybody should have a side hustle and not have all their eggs in one financial basket. I have a free white label blueprint for those wanting to walk through how to start their side hustle. I want you to steal it from me. Join me for the Alpha Mpire course, where I coach and mentor every week. The community comes along with it, filled with inspiring guys.
  7. Take chances. People will respect you if you’re willing to take risks for success. It’s sad when people fear taking chances and going after what they want. Fear of failure holds people back and reduces people’s respect for you. The only way that you can grow is to make mistakes. Think about where you would be if you started the first time you thought about getting a better job, starting a side hustle, or investing in something. Don’t stay stuck. If you want respect, go out and get it.

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