Chick Magnet with Aaron Marino and Marni from Wing Girl Method | Episode 2 + Will

November 30, 2022
In this episode of Chick Magnet, Marni from Wing Girl Method and I are working with a single, average dude to transform him into a chick magnet. Will is next up. He’s a staff archeologist, which takes up much of his time. He says he lacks confidence and has trouble approaching women in social situations. He chokes at the last minute and never has had a serious relationship. He’s tried developing his own style and is open to my advice.

The Mission

Marni and I will make Will look amazing with a makeover and a new outfit. We’re going to give him some confidence coaching along with dating tips. And then we’re going to send them out on a hot blind date to test everything we taught him.

Notes about Will

He’s the most masculine dude I’ve worked with and has a big presence — he even came in bearing gifts!  He knows who he is and has confidence, although it’s lacking in the dating area. He wants an outside perspective because (as Will said) we’re not always the best judge of our own grievances, even about ourselves.

His outfit is a disaster. The shoes are functional, the jeans don’t fit and aren’t stylish, and the tee shirt looks like it was from Hot Topic (true). The hair and beard are him, so I’m not going to have Stephen cut it. He’s just going to make him into a sexy bear. Marni said the day will be something magical.

We head to Salon Posta for a haircut, styling, and facial hair grooming.  Stephen wants a couple of inches taken off the length due to damage and to give him a clean line. He’ll then layer it. The result will be thicker-looking and fuller hair. Stephen will tighten up the beard too. For styling, I’ll use Pete & Pedro’s Clay for fullness, thickness, and control.

His new hairstyle looks hot! Now we’re off to get me clothes and shoes. Boots, henleys, and jackets are on the agenda. Johnson & Murphy is the best bang for your shoe buck. Black slim-fit jeans are also the choice — because of the large upper body, the jeans can’t be tight. No skinny jeans. Also, when trying on jackets, size down. If you can button it, it’s the proper size because the leather will break in and stretch out. Ultimately, he’s wearing a green henley, suede jeans, dark wash medium distressed jeans, and boots for the date. He said he went from broke to bespoke!

Before he heads out on a date, he needs to smell like a chick magnet. One of the most powerful non-verbal communicating tools you have 100% control over is your fragrance. Pete & Pedro Villain, is the choice which is a crowd-pleaser!

Know yourself to improve yourself

  • Will was a shy kid growing up. He wasn’t involved with people and would like to change that. He’s inching back into the world while remaking himself.
  • He has a lot of interests and is fascinating. He’s passionate, kind, and sincere — women will be receptive to that.
  • He has all the tools to attract someone, but he feels awkward.
  • He has a superpower but hasn’t tapped into it yet: slightly intimidating, charming, knows a lot about many things, and is passionate but calm, cool, and collected.
  • and sites like that are places to start — go to social functions around things he enjoys. Figure out places to go where women are also there.
  • Marni says it’s all about honest and open communication. Be clear about who you are and be curious about the other person’s needs and who they are.
  • Will needs to get better at asking questions. Choose questions that trigger, such as asking open-ended questions.
  • Pick out bridges in conversations and work on associations. He has so many topics he can associate with.
  • Escalate conversations by injecting flirtations and playfulness.


Check out his date, how it transpired, and what Marni & I have to say about it. And then, when all is said and done, check out what his date has to say about their encounter. Will gives his opinion on the date at the office and hears feedback. Overall, he was awesome, he did an incredible job engaging, and I am incredibly excited.

Will closes out the episode by saying that Marni and I were welcoming, really listened to his video, and reinforced his best while sanding off the rough edges. I convinced him that he could do more with his look, including wearing his hair in a top knot. He really enjoyed his time with Marni, who saw things in him that he couldn’t see himself. She let him know that there’s an alright guy inside there and that he just has to get himself out into the world.

Featured video

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