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Blue Apron | First 100 Get Two Free Meals!
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro presents how to cook like a gent. Alpha hopes you brought your appetite, because today we’re going to cook look a gent.  The menu has three delicious choices: spiced salmon and cranberry chutney with parsnip, sweet potato and clementine saute, roasted Cornish game hen with rosemary baguette stuffing, or a sexy and seductive spiced pork, squash and white bean soup with lacinato kale and sage-walnut pesto.

Alpha isn’t even an alpha in the kitchen. His wife says that she knew he was the guy for her on their third date because he actually cooked her dinner.  The meal was pasta and garlic bread and that was the best he could do because the fact is, like many of you, nobody ever taught him how to cook.  He can grill meat, but that’s about as far as his skills extend in the kitchen and on the grill.

If you put the effort into cooking a meal, your significant other will be impressed.  You can buy a gift but putting the effort into cooking for them is sexy. In an attempt to be a more well-rounded gentleman, Alpha decided to cook more.  So when the company Blue Apron recently reached out to him, he was very receptive.

The company Blue Apron is a concept that is super cool.  He’s heard about it for years, and his wife has talked about it.  Blue Apron is like a gentleman’s culinary secret weapon.  It’s is a box service where you sign up, fill out the profile, and set your preferences.  Each week you pick three meals.  Thereafter, they send you the amount of ingredients you need to create each of the three meals.

You get to choose what time of day you would like it delivered.  In the box you are going to find the three recipes on little recipe cards with tons of pictures and simple instructions.  It also tells you the amount of calories, cook time, prep time, all that good stuff.  It’s literally taking the guesswork out of cooking an amazing meal.

Then inside the box you have this insulated package, and in there you have all of the ingredients for all three of the meals in the specific sizes and quantities.  Nothing more or less than what you need to create each meal.

All of this is $59 for these three meals, and it includes free shipping which is nuts.  If you guys want to check it out and try it there is a special link that will give you two meals free on your first order which is super cool.

Alpha unpacks to display what he received which includes seasoning and everything else needed for a great meal.

  • One of the beautiful things about a concept like this is that you save money.  It breaks down to approximately $10 per person, and  you’re not actually overbuying because you’re sent exactly what you need.
  • Another beautiful thing is that because you only get two portions so you’re not overeating.
  • The last cool thing is everything is crazy fresh with a still frozen ice pack.


Alpha prepares pork, squash and white bean soup with lacinato kale and sage-walnut pesto.  It takes 25-30 minutes with15 minutes of prep time. Look’s great and is delicious.  He is so impressed with himself and his cooking ability.  It actually was incredibly easy.

If you want to check out Blue Apron, it’s a really cool concept and company, and it’s affordable.  If you’re somebody who enjoys food and cooking, its a great idea and something you might want to try. If you go to the link, you’re going to get two meals absolutely free on your first order!

Alpha’s going to leave you with this: there is nothing, and he means *super nothing*, as impressive as  a guy who knows how to cook.  .